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Expand Opening a SmartPay account

Opening a developer account and starting accepting payments in your Smart TV application is easy:
Simply go to our website at www.smartpay.tv, fill out the sign-up form by entering your email address, creating a unique password and entering your Application name. You will then be taken to your Developer Dashboard where we have already created your first app and test product for you to edit!

Please note that in order to withdraw funds from your SmartPay account, we are required to have your full profile details on record, so please make sure you visit the Developer Profile and Payment Profile sections of the website and fill out the required information.
Expand Supported Credit Cards

SmartPay supports processing of all major international credit cards. These include:

Visa brands

Visa brands:
Visa Classic / Gold / Platinum
Visa Purchasing
Visa Business
Visa Corporate and All Other
Visa Premium Credit
Visa International Debit
Visa Debit
Visa Electron
Visa Business Debit

Mastercard brands

Mastercard brands:
MasterCard Standard / Gold / Platinum
MasterCard Purchasing
MasterCard Business
MasterCard Corporate and All Other
MasterCard Debit
MasterCard Premium Credit
MasterCard International Debit
International Maestro

American express cards

American Express cards
Expand Supported Currencies

You can create products and accept payments in many international currencies for your convenience. These include:
ArgentinaArgentine Peso
AustraliaAustralian Dollar
BoliviaBolivian Boliviano
BrazilBrazilian Real
BulgariaBulgarian Lev
CanadaCanadian Dollar
ChileChilean Peso
ChinaYuan Renminbi
ColombiaColombian Peso
CroatiaCroatian Kuna
Czech RepublicCzech Koruna
DenmarkDanish Krone
European UnionEuro
Hong KongHong Kong Dollar
IcelandIcelandic Krona
IndiaIndian Rupee
IsraelNew Israeli Sheqel
Korea (Republic of)Won
LatviaLatvian Lats
LithuaniaLithuanian Litas
MalaysiaMalaysian Ringgits
MexicoMexican Peso
MoroccoMoroccan Dirham
NepalNepalese Rupee
New ZealandNew Zealand Dollar
NorwayNorwegian Kroner
PakistanPakistan Rupee
ParaguayParaguayan Guarani
PeruPeruvian Nuevo Sol
RussiaRussian Ruble
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Riyal
SingaporeSingapore Dollars
South AfricaRand
Sri LankaSri Lanka Rupee
SwedenSwedish Krona
SwitzerlandSwiss Franc
TaiwanNew Taiwan Dollar
TurkeyTurkish Lira
UKPound Sterling
United Arab EmiratesU.A.E. Dirham
UruguayUruguayan Peso
USAU.S. Dollar
VenezuelaVenezuelan Bolivar

Please note that even though you can accept payments in any of the above currencies, we settle your account and accumulate your balance in your account Primary Currency which can be set in your Developer Profile page.
Payments received in other currencies than your Primary Currency will be converted to your Primary Currency and added to your balance.
Expand Supported transaction types

SmartPay supports several transaction types in which you can create products and initiate transactions:
Single Payment
This is a one-time transaction, most suitable for one-off purchases in any supported currency of products or services.
Recurring Payment
Initiating a Recurring Payment plan will start billing your customer repeatedly on a pre-defined interval basis, charging the same amount and in the same currency on every billing cycle. This transaction type is most suitable for subscriptions or an on-going renewable service.
Available billing cycles:
  • Daily: your customer will be billed at approximately the same hour every day.
  • Weekly: your customer will be billed on the same day every week
  • Monthly: your customer will be billed on the same date every month
  • Yearly: your customer will be billed on the same date of the same month every year
Grace period - a grace period means your customer will only begin to be automatically billed after XX amount of days. This is most suitable for offering a "Free Trial" period, after which the customer will start getting billed on a recurring plan basis. When you define a Recurring Payment product as having a Grace Period, your customer will be presented with the SmartPay billing widget with the recurring amount clearly indicated, but the first billing cycles will not occur immediately but rather be pushed XX amount of days forward. Please note that in any case you or your customer have cancelled the recurring plan before the Grace Period had ended, your customer will in fact NOT be charged anything. We recommend using our advanced Server-Side-Notifications (SSN) mechanism to confirm successful verification of the customer's credit-card data before allowing him to access your service or products with no actual payment made. Cancelling a recurring payment plan - to cancel an active recurring payment plan, please use the CancelSubscription API as defined in the Complete API Dictionary.
Expand Supported Devices

SmartPay supports most leading Smart TV and Connected Device brands and integrates seamlessly into their SDK and OS platforms.
SmartPay have been tested and approved for the following devices:

Samsung Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV (2011, 2012, 2013 platforms)

LG Smart TV
LG Smart TV

Opera TV
Opera - TV based platforms such as Sony

SmartTV Alliance
Smart TV Alliance

Android based devices (STB/Tablets/Mobile)

Expand Understanding our fee structure

SmartPay charges the following fees and commissions:

Standard Merchant Fees
Account Setup Fee - FREE!
Transaction Fee
    Up to $5,000 (USD) per month - 3.5%
    $5,000 - $25,000 per month - 2.8%
    $25,000 - $150,000 per month - 2.5%
    Over $150,000 per month - 2.2%
Processing Fee - 30¢ per transaction
Monthly Minimum Fee - NO MINIMUM!

Multi-Currency and Withdrawal Fees
International Wire Transfer Fee - $8.00 per transfer
Inter-Currency conversion Fee - 1% of converted value

Transaction fees are charged automatically upon every transaction, and are reflected in your account balance presented on your Dashboard page.
Expand Developer Testing mechanism and Test Credit Card

For every developer account, SmartPay issues a unique credit card called the Developer Test Card. The card details can be found on your Developer Profile page.
Any transaction initiated in any of the applications defined under your developer account with these card details will result in a successful transaction.
You can use this Developer Test Card to test your application and SmartPay integration before and after going live with your app:
  • To generate a successful payment result without actually charging money from a real credit card, enter your Developer Test Card details.
  • To generate a failed payment result, enter a random, non-valid credit card details.
For obvious reasons, make sure you keep your Developer Test Card details in extreme discretion and do not reveal it to customers or any unauthorized users.
SmartPay does not charge transaction fees on transactions initiated with the Developer Test Card.
Expand Understanding the Developer Dashboard

After logging in to your SmartPay account, you will be taken automatically to the Developer Dashboard. Here you can find an overview of the performance of your various apps including charts, account balance and specific app data.

Initially, the main chart in the center of the dashboard will show you an accumulated performance overview of all your apps. Clicking a specific app in the app table below the chart will re-draw the chart to reflect only the selected app's data. You can see an indication of total transactions, successful transactions and failed transactions. This can be useful to re-flag specific situations where you are experiencing a larger-than-normal amount of failed transactions and helps prevent credit card fraud and excessive transaction fees.
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